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Cybersecurity Month Weekly Guides

Here’s a set of resources that you can use to help keep your organization secure this month and beyond. 

  • Week 1: Social Engineering Study Guide
  • Week 2: Uncovering and Reviewing Links (URLs)
  • Week 3: Protect Your Personal Information
  • Week 4: Keeping Your Passwords Squeaky Clean

Phishing by Industry: 2022 Benchmarking Report

See how you are doing compared to your peers of similar size. In this report, you will find: 

  • The latest phishing benchmark data for over 18 industries
  • What industries are most at risk, and how you can prevent it
  • Actionable phishing prevention tips for your organization
  • The benefits of our cutting-edge security awareness training services

Upcoming Webinar:
Addressing New Changes in Cyber Insurance and Cyber Risk for Non-Profits

Hosted by Whittlesey and USI
We will cover: 
  • What’s new in cyber risk and how it’s affecting cyber insurance
  • Top 5 steps to reduce your cyber insurance premium
  • Cyber Security insurance renewal strategies
  • Best practices to protect your organization
 Who should attend:
  • Executive Directors, Board Members, C-suite 
  • Privacy, Risk, IT and security officers and IT security*



How Auditors Assess Cyber Risks

Data security is a critical part of the audit risk assessment. If your financial statements are audited, your audit team will tailor their procedures to answer critical questions about cyber risks and the effectiveness of your internal controls...Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Cyber Secure in 2022

As cyberattacks become more frequent, ensuring your business is secure is vital, as not doing so could mean a loss of business, assets, and reputation. This article outlines five key areas to ensure you’ve implemented the proper cybersecurity controls in your organization...Continue Reading

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