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Q1 2018 Peer Data for New England Credit Unions

Below is our compilation of financial information for New England credit unions for the period ending March 31, 2018. As was done last quarter, each New England state has its own tab and there is a final tab that includes all of the credit unions in New England.

The data includes a number of key credit quality, performance, and capital adequacy ratios. We then break-out certain ratios that we consider important in determining financial performance and long-term viability of credit unions.

These key ratios are:
  • Return on assets
  • Net interest margin
  • Yield on investment portfolio
  • Ratio of expenses to gross income
  • Loans to shares

From there, we rank the credit unions across each of these key ratios and determine an overall ranking based on the average of all of these ratios.

If you would like to discuss the information in further detail, we would be happy to assist.

Fill out the form below to download the peer financial information for New England credit unions for Q1 of 2018. 

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