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Potential Workplace Compliance Form Scam for CT LLCs

Several Connecticut clients, organized as Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”), are receiving a form asking for a payment of a “$110 annual report fee” relative to a “2018 – Annual Report Instruction Form (Connecticut LLCs)” from Workplace Compliance Services, 1022 Boulevard #243, West Hartford, CT 06110. Clients are receiving this form through regular US mail.

This is an aggressive marketing program, and no payment needs to be sent to Workplace Compliance Services.

The hard copy form that Workplace Compliance Services sends to LLCs looks deceivingly like a real state tax form, so it creates the illusion that this fee has been imposed by a governmental agency and must be paid. However, that is not the case.

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, Secretary of the State and the Attorney General’s office are aware of this mailing campaign and are addressing this with Workplace Compliance Services.

Again, there is no need to pay Workplace Compliance Services anything.

If you have any questions or if you want to discuss this, please contact your Whittlesey Advisor.

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