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Our advisors offer expert counsel in a variety of areas, including business, strategic and succession planning, asset protection, estate planning, security, tax advising, and computer network consulting.

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Whittlesey is here to provide Forward Advising™

As one of the largest regional CPA firms in New England, we have the experience and expertise of a large, national firm with the responsiveness of a local firm. 


As trusted business advisors, we provide responsive and cost-efficient recommendations for both small and complex business needs.


We pride ourselves on the value we offer to our clients, including fair pricing for a high-quality product, superior service, and game-changing insights. 


Our firm has stood the test of time because we understand how to help our clients successfully navigate compliance, economic and technology changes, and beyond.


Advisory Services

Whether you have a strategic plan or need to create one, we can work with you every step of the way. Leveraging thoughtful analysis and advantageous tax strategies, we can offer insights that provide crucial validation or thought-provoking considerations. We can build on your existing plan or create a strategy from scratch with a goal of defining your competitive edge.

Understanding the value of your business, and the key drivers affecting that value, enables business leaders to make sound, forward-thinking decisions about the future of a business. Determining the value of a business, or a component of a business is a complex process that requires careful analysis and an understanding of both the business and the industry in which it operates. Our certified business valuation experts can assist you in determining the value of the business, whether for a merger and acquisition, succession planning, or for tax planning.

Succession planning is complex. Whether you are thinking about retirement, transitioning your business to family or even selling to a third party, there can be many options to consider. We are experts in tax and gifting implications. We have helped many of our clients navigate family dynamics by providing a valuable third-party perspective.

We can help you preserve and protect your property and wealth by leveraging advantageous strategies, including well-crafted entity structures and estate plans.

We assist with the optimization and execution of mergers and acquisitions. When you’re ready to sell your business, we assist in getting your company ready for a transaction, conduct market research, and identify potential investors. We also assist with due diligence, document review, asset allocation, and quality of earnings reports.

Estate planning is a complex undertaking, but a necessary one to ensure effective and efficient transfer of assets during your lifetime and at death. We help with every step of the process, from estate analysis to tax incentives and much more.

We offer monitoring, updating, and amending of your governance documents based on your current situation and your future objectives. We also advise on exit strategy for LLCs, partnerships, and corporations, as well as what details need to be considered depending on your needs.

We provide both traditional services, such as network setup and troubleshooting to keep your business running, as well as consulting services to maximize operational efficiency. Our technology audits illustrate how to manage and leverage technology best practices for your business.

All your personal information, as well as that of your employees and customers, lives in your technology. Protecting that information, whether from human threats or natural disasters, is paramount. Our specialists protect, detect, remediate, conduct employee security awareness training, and help businesses recover from cybersecurity issues.

Industries We Serve

Whittlesey advisors know every business is different because we have decades of experience across a range of industries.

Our Clients
Know Best

I consult with my Whittlesey partner whenever I am contemplating a strategic change. His advice goes well beyond just the financial or tax consequences. I feel he really looks out for my best interest.

Elisabeth Kandrysawtz,
The Motorlease Corporation

We are very satisfied with Whittlesey’s tax and audit services as well as their advisory expertise in technology, R&D tax credits, transfer pricing, and business valuation.

Louise Pockoski,
Miyoshi America

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