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Whittlesey is Connecticut's largest CPA and consulting firm and ranks among the top 10 firms in New England. With offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we are recognized by Accounting Today as a “Best of the Best Firm” and by Inside Public Accounting as a “Top 200 Accounting Firm.” With a legacy spanning over 60 years, our advisors provide exceptional accounting, assurance, advisory, and technology services to a diverse clientele, including businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. Our commitment to delivering industry-specific insights and tailored solutions not only establishes us as experts in accounting, auditing, and technology but also as trusted business advisors. 

For more than six decades, Whittlesey has provided assurance services to thousands of for-profit and nonprofit clients. Focused on integrity and service, we customize our approach based on your specific needs while also providing business guidance, especially when key decisions need validation.

When objectives and related decisions are critical, Whittlesey provides expert counsel in various areas, including business, strategic, and succession planning, asset protection, estate planning, security, tax advising, human resource consulting, outsourced client accounting solutions, and computer network consulting.


Whittlesey has offered federal and state tax services for both individuals and businesses for more than six decades, working with clients year-round to provide services that cover everything from tax planning and preparation to tax compliance and financial audits.

Whittlesey delivers technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our comprehensive support includes managed IT services, ensuring seamless operation and efficiency alongside expert compliance and cybersecurity strategies to safeguard your digital assets. We are committed to optimizing your technology infrastructure, enabling you to focus on growth and success.

Why Whittlesey

At the core of Whittlesey lies our mission, values, and dedication to fostering growth. We stand apart as a professional services firm, designed to unlock potential for businesses and nonprofits across New England.


Don’t let your nonprofit’s audit preparation become a last-minute sprint. Plan early so you’ll have the right records ready for review. We offer suggestions.

Many businesses, including small ones, may be subject to new beneficial ownership information reporting rules under the Corporate Transparency Act. Here’s what you need to know.

Many businesses, including small ones, may be subject to new beneficial ownership information reporting rules under the Corporate Transparency Act. Here’s what you need to know.

In today's digital era, consumer data fuels businesses, making it an irresistible goldmine for cybercriminals. You don’t need to have the resources of a major corporation to implement a robust cybersecurity program that will help you avoid the fallout of a data breach.

Tax planning is crucial for construction business owners to maximize potential tax benefits. An effective strategy involves more than knowing credits and deductions.

This guide will provide an overview of CTDPA’s applicability, requirements, enforcement, and how advisors can help your business achieve compliance.

These days, data analytics is essential to for-profit business decision-making. What about nonprofits? Learn how these tools can help your organization reach goals more efficiently.

If you’re eligible and not making catch-up contributions to your retirement plan, you’re missing out on building more tax-favored savings. Here are the rules of the road.

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