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For more than five decades, we have serviced both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations with business advisory and IT consulting services.

Whittlesey provides compliance services, as well as our third-party perspective and advice, to our closely held clients. This includes proactive tax planning and assurance services, as well as providing accurate guidance around gauge tax and gifting implications.

With decades of experience across a range of industries, we understand the unique challenges facing emerging businesses, as well as the opportunities associated with achieving profitability. Our firm can work with you to establish a financial plan that can help take your business forward.

Managing an evolving regulatory environment and, sometimes, multiple legacy plans can be challenging for plan administrators. Whittlesey's employee benefit plan management services help your team be compliant with reporting standards.

The Whittlesey team has extensive experience working with banks and credit unions, spanning more than two decades. We understand the importance of keeping current with the unique accounting and regulatory issues that are impacting banks and credit unions.

Whittlesey knows that, as a healthcare practitioner, your time is valuable. So we focus on monitoring tax law changes and industry regulations, proactively communicating and planning for your business's future, which allows you to focus on patient care.

To be both lean and nimble, national and international manufacturers and distributors need smart planning. The experts at Whittlesey can help you achieve your business goals, providing validation of business plans with thought-provoking advice on driving productivity, increasing profitability, and reducing business risks.

In partnership with your staff, executives, Board of Directors, and financial team, Whittlesey can help your organization implement philanthropic best practices tailored to your particular organization, as well as deliver accurate financial reporting, compliance with laws and regulations, and solid internal controls.

Finding success in the ever-changing real estate and construction industry landscape requires experience, patience and training. The Whittlesey team monitors economic changes and industry trends to deliver sound business advice and services when key decisions need validation.