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Filing a completed tax return is only one small piece of your business's tax obligations. With today’s ever-changing tax legislation and political uncertainty, navigating the business tax landscape can feel daunting. Whittlesey’s tax team has decades of experience across a range of industries, which means we know the best way to manage your business’s tax exposure so you can reach your financial goals.

We work directly with you to identify both short and long-term objectives, designing a custom plan. From securing state and federal tax incentives, to calculating income liability, Whittlesey’s experienced team provides you with timely and comprehensive tax advice.

How We Can Help

Tax Return Compliance
We assist with tax return preparation and reporting obligations, as well as aiding with tax payments and communication with the IRS.

We leverage opportunities and tax incentives within complex tax regulations to manage your business’s tax exposure and secure your future.

State and Local Tax Consulting
If you do business in multiple tax jurisdictions, we’re here to help navigate multi-faceted tax regulations. We prepare state and local returns on both a stand-alone and combined basis, and advise on the implications and requirements when building out your business to new areas.

Tax Incentives
Tax credits and incentives exist at both the federal and state level. Our industry experts work with you to identify cost savings opportunities. These credits, such as the Research & Development tax credit, are used to secure your bottom line by managing tax exposures.

Tax Provisions
Calculating a company’s income tax liability is both important and complex. We review your business's financial statements to calculate total income tax liability for a given year.

Asset Protection
We can help you preserve and protect property and income by leveraging advantageous strategies which reduce or manage business exposures and risks.

Advisory Services
With Whittlesey’s Forward Advising™ process we actively listen to your short- and long-term objectives so we can provide actionable insights and solutions, including strategic planning, succession planning, buy/sell agreements, and more.

We are very satisfied with Whittlesey’s tax and audit services as well as their advisory expertise in technology, R&D tax credits, transfer pricing and business valuation.

- Louise Pockoski, Treasurer, Miyoshi America

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