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Passwords, in essence, are the keys to the kingdom, so we must make sure that we keep them secure, safe, and strong to keep cybercriminals out. Whittlesey's Manager of IT Security and Assurance Services, Chris Wisneski, discusses best practices for an impenetrable password in the latest Whittlesey Minute. 

With donations on the rise, it is more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to increase their efficiency. The following are six best practices that can improve your nonprofit’s timeliness and accuracy.

Learn how the new not-for-profit reporting model will impact financial statement presentation and disclosures.

Whittlesey is helping nonprofits succeed with forward-thinking advice, particularly around issues of mergers, acquisitions and succession planning. Learn how we helped InterCommunity succeed by merging with a like-minded organization. 

In a recent article published by Hartford Business Journal, Brenden Healy, a tax partner at Whittlesey, discusses how to take advantage of the new 20% biz income deduction.

In a recent article published by Business West, Brenden Healy, a tax partner at Whittlesey, discusses tax-saving opportunities still available for the 2018 tax year.

Whittlesey is helping nonprofits succeed with forward-thinking advice. When it comes time to purchase your nonprofit accounting software, here’s five things to avoid. 

Chris Wisneski, Manager, IT Security & Assurance Services of Whittlesey, discusses the importance of having a Cybersecurity Assessment. As cyber attacks and breaches continue to increase, it's critical that businesses be made aware of what their cyber risk is.

A sound strategic business plan is key to the success of a business. Here are 7 reasons why your business can benefit from a business plan.

True story: An employee clicked on an email from someone she knew. Shortly after, she had a brief computer glitch which required her to enter her username and password to get back in. Odd things have happened before, so she thought nothing of it.

A number of changes could impact banks, especially community banks, over the next few years. Larry Carboni and Mario Solari, partners in our Hartford office, discuss these upcoming changes and how to plan for them.

Camille Livsey, Whittlesey's manager of nonprofit consulting and a certified Abila Business Partner, advised CTCPA on the benefits and longevity of Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ to move their organization forward. Learn about how she enabled them to do more than crunch numbers. 

Whittlesey tax partner Brenden Healy highlights the significant benefits of tax incentives for businesses. Is your business accessing the windfall that might be your right under tax law? Here are five tax incentives that businesses should be aware of.

Many small and medium-sized companies delay succession planning, but that can spell disaster for the business. Roger Sciascia discusses a few key reasons why businesses need a succession plan for their success. 

Whittlesey tax partners highlight the significant changes made to both individual income and business taxes in the passing of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” tax reform bill.

At Whittlesey, we believe in providing expert counsel and guidance. In this interview, our tax partner offers valuable tips for tax season.

Whittlesey banking professionals provide expert counsel on the impact of the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 on banks, specifically in regards to the significant change in the federal corporate tax rate. 

In 2018, Massachusetts signed into law a statute that provides paid family and medical leave (PFML) benefits to workers. The MA legislature recently released a draft of the regulations and a mandatory poster to be displayed in a conspicuous place on the employer's premise.

There is much more to getting ready for an audit than just closing the books and reconciling accounts. Here’s a list of tips to help you have a successful audit experience.