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Why Whittlesey

Whittlesey is more than a top regional firm - we provide expert services to business leaders across a variety of areas and industries. Our employees are exposed to a diverse range of opportunities. When you work at Whittlesey, you get the chance to be a vital contributor to our clients’ businesses, and ultimately, their success.

Whittlesey has the experience and expertise of a large, national IT consulting and accounting firm, with the responsiveness of a local firm. That means our team members have access to the resources necessary to develop their career, while also receiving personal coaching and mentoring. From the Managing Partner on down, our leadership fosters an open door policy. We are committed to providing expert service to our clients across all our service areas, and we know that can only be done by employing talented and driven individuals.

Meeting your professional goals doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your personal life, which is why we adhere to a culture of work-life integration. We offer our employees flexible work schedules depending on the needs of their department. We also offer competitive paid time off packages and company-sponsored activities.

Collaboration and community are key values to our culture. Whether you’ve been here 6 months or 30 years, we respect each employee’s unique talents and we value their contributions.

Whittlesey is dedicated to the communities where we live and work. We sponsor community-driven events throughout the year and we encourage our partners and team members to become actively involved in volunteerism. Through the generosity of our employees, Whittlesey is proud to annually support the United Way and the Greater Hartford Arts Council, as well as the Whittlesey & Hadley Fund, a charitable fund managed through the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

We’re always looking forward here at Whittlesey. As part of that mindset, we recently streamlined our performance management system to Pulse, a development program that provides up-to-date feedback and consistent mentoring opportunities. Under Pulse, Whittlesey employees receive real-time feedback with biweekly check-ins and monthly development conversations with their coaches.

Whittlesey empowers employees with the tools and training to conduct thoughtful, objective work for our various clients. We encourage our employees to challenge their skills, own their professional development and define their career paths. We reward hard work and dedication.

At Whittlesey, one of New England's top IT consulting and accounting firms, we offer competitive compensation and benefits. We reward hard work and recognize it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it. Employees who enrich our firm with their new ideas and enthusiasm are celebrated.

Work-Life Integration

We understand everyone’s personal and professional goals are different so we support our employees by providing a framework for flexibility. Employees can structure their hours so their personal and professional lives can co-exist. We leverage technology to enable work offsite, as needed, and foster a culture of trust.

Paid Time Off

Our firm offers a generous Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to be used for vacation, illness, non-firm holidays, and/or personal commitments. All employees begin their employment with 18 PTO days as well as 8 firm holidays. Management employees may accrue more PTO days per year.

Financial Incentive Program

We offer annual, discretionary bonuses, which are awarded based on firm and individual performance.

Health and Wellness

Whittlesey offers full medical and dental insurance for employees and their dependents, at a shared cost. We also provide other benefits, such as Short- and Long-Term Disability and Life Insurance, at no cost to the employees.

Retirement Plan

Our firm encourages employees to save for the future through a retirement savings plan. We offer employees the opportunity to save through our 401(k) Plan, which also includes a Roth IRA, and we provide an annual, discretionary match to eligible employees.

Professional Development

We believe in a professional development model which combines education, growth experiences, and coaching.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Employees receive one-on-one coaching with their performance coach.
  • Continuing Professional Education: We offer a combination of in-house and/or off-site training, provided locally or through our national affiliation with Allinial Global.
  • Leadership Training: We provide training in leadership at both the staff and management levels.
  • Professional Dues Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement/CPA Licensure Contributions include:

  • Up to 50% for those courses needed to become certified.
  • Generous CPA incentive bonus of up to $4,000 for passing the CPA exam.
  • Financial support for materials to study for the CPA exam.

Technology Certifications/Continuing Education

  • Up to 50% for those classes approved toward education that is part of an approved technology plan.
  • 100% for materials and tests for approved technology and cybersecurity certifications.
  • 100% for technology learning system for technology certifications (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CEH, CISA, and more).
  • Paid time for approved continuing professional education.

Other Benefits

  • Our firm offers a financial incentive plan for client referrals.
  • We provide subsidized parking in our Hartford office.

To proactively support and promote individual development and growth, we provide the following professional development resources:

Allinial Global Partnership

Whittlesey, with its affiliation through Allinial Global, offers comprehensive training courses that are both technical in nature and for personal development, including a progressive leadership program. You have the opportunity to participate in national training through our membership, and have access to the Allinial Global training, which offers a breadth of classes based on years of experience.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Outside of Allinial Global, Whittlesey offers additional educational tools to help employees stay abreast of what is going on in the industry, with both live and virtual training. Many employees complete their required CPE credits with local classes at the Connecticut or Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (CSCPA/MSCPA), or through training offered by other area organizations. Online courses are also offered and supported.

CPA Exam

We encourage all professional staff to become CPA certified. In order to assist you with achieving this certification, Whittlesey provides financial assistance with a review class in preparation for the exam. Upon passing the exam, we provide financial support to cover exam costs, offering a bonus to those who become certified.

Fifth-Year Assistance

In order to become certified, individuals must have attained 150 credit hours from an accredited college or university. To help defray the cost of these classes, Whittlesey provides some financial support during this process.

Women’s Leadership Network

Whether you work in our assurance, advisory, tax, or technology services, we realize professional women face a variety of unique workplace challenges. Our Women’s Leadership Network helps our female professional staff develop leadership skills as they define their future career path.

The mission of the program is to facilitate the recruitment, advancement, and retention of talented professional women. The Women’s Leadership Initiative promotes this mission by offering a variety of relationship building, networking, and soft skills training programs, both inside and outside of the company, to enhance the careers and lives of our female professionals.