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Whittlesey uses SafeSend Returns, a user-friendly and highly secure technology that allows you to manage your tax returns from the convenience of any mobile device

Please enter your email and password to log into your account.

What are the benefits of using SafeSend Returns?
  •  Receive your tax returns securely without the need to set up an account or remember a password
  •  Accessible across all platforms: computer, smartphone, or tablet
  •  Electronically sign your federal and state e-file authorizations (8879), no printing or mailing necessary
  •  Receive payment reminder e-mails
  •  Download a copy of your tax return
  •  For businesses, conveniently distribute your K-1s electronically
Will I receive a notification when my return is ready to sign?

Yes. Email notifications will be sent from Whittlesey at We recommend adding these email addresses to your safe list to prevent the email from getting filtered to spam/junk.

Is it safe to enter part of my Social Security Number?

Yes. SafeSend Returns offers a secure system to view and sign your e-file authorization form(s). Look for https:// at the beginning of the site URL and a locked padlock symbol in your browser’s URL bar to confirm you are on the secure site.

What if I don’t receive an email with my access code?

Check your spam/junk email folder. If you do not receive your code within the 20-minute time limit, please request another. You might also search your email for Some emails hide junk items very well.

Where do the identity verification questions come from? What if I don’t remember the answers?

The questions SafeSend Returns asks are knowledge-based questions pulled from government and credit sources. You may be asked questions such as where you lived in a given year or when you bought your car or home. If the questions do not apply to you, choose the answer that accurately reflects this. If you don’t remember the answers to the questions or you answer incorrectly, you won’t be able to sign your e-file authorization form(s) electronically. You can instead print, sign and return your e-file authorization form(s) to Whittlesey.

Will pulling these verification questions affect my credit score?

Acquiring these questions does not affect your credit score in any way (it is a soft hit).

Will this work on any internet-connected device? Does SafeSend Returns offer an app for my smartphone?

This process can be completed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet via a web browser. There is currently no SafeSend Returns app available.

Will I have the option to download and print my return to retain for my records?

Yes. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to download and print your return, but you’ll be able to review and e-sign it. You can always download and print your return from a computer at a later date.

How is this process different from e-filing?

SafeSend Returns allows you to sign your e-file authorization form(s) electronically, but it won’t submit your return to the IRS. Once signed, Whittlesey is automatically notified, and we will then complete the filing process for you, including submission to the IRS.

My spouse and I file our return jointly. How can we both sign the e-file authorization form(s)?

The spouse with the primary email address will first receive the link with identity verification questions specific to him/her. He or she will sign the e-file authorization form(s) and then enter an email address for the second spouse. The second spouse will then receive the email link with identity verification questions specific to him/her. Once the second spouse electronically signs the e-file authorization form(s), Whittlesey will be notified that signing is complete.

If a couple shares an email address, the primary signer will first receive a link with identity verification questions specific to him/her. After the primary signer signs the e-file authorization form(s), he/she can then enter the shared email address again. A new link will be sent with identity verification questions specific to the second spouse.

I’d rather print and sign my e-file authorization form(s). Can I do that?

Yes. You can still print, sign and mail your e-file form(s) back to Whittlesey if you prefer.

After signing my e-file authorization form(s), will I receive confirmation that it was successfully submitted?

Yes! Once you sign your e-file authorization form(s), you will receive an email stating it was successful. The email will also include a link to download a copy of your tax return for your records.

Can I set up reminders for my quarterly estimated payment?

If estimated payments are included in your review copy, you will automatically receive an email reminder 7 days before your payment is due.

Will I have to print and mail anything to the government?

If your return is electronically filed to the IRS, the only items you may need to print and mail out to government authorities are the tax and estimate payment vouchers. You will also be provided options to make tax payments electronically if you prefer not to mail payments.

Will you return my source documents?

Yes! We will return your source documents in the mail. If you wish to opt-in to have your source documents returned electronically in a pdf, please call our office and let us know. If you wish to pick up your source documents instead of mailing them, call our office, and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up.

Still Have Questions?

Need Assistance with SafeSend Returns?

If you're seeking information or need help with SafeSend Returns, you can directly contact Kim Long. We're in our peak season now, which means we're handling a high volume of inquiries, especially about SafeSend, and your concerns are very important to us.

If your call goes to voicemail, please leave a detailed message with your contact information. Your understanding and patience during this busy time are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation.