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Hartford Business Journal Publishes Whittlesey's Impact In the Local Community

Excerpt from article originally posted in the Hartford Business Journal

"Doing the right thing is in the DNA of Whittlesey. This mentality has pushed the largest Connecticut-based CPA firm to give back to the community in numerous ways, without a calculation of how it will benefit the company.

Doing the right things has its own benefits, said Drew Andrews, managing partner at Whittlesey.

Over the years, it has paid dividends for the firm. “It has been a byproduct of what we believe. It’s not why we do it, but it has been beneficial,” said Andrews. “It’s the right thing to do and we set that tone at the top and bring it down.”

At the core of the firm’s “do the right thing” mentality is service to the community.

This effort has manifested itself with official volunteer days, donations to local nonprofits and an understanding that if an opportunity to give back is possible it will be acted on.

It has also spread throughout the firm’s services. As the firm has grown, so have the ways that it can assist and contribute to community businesses and nonprofit organizations."

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