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Cyber Forensic Services

Whittlesey offers advanced cyber forensics services designed to investigate and mitigate cyber threats, breaches, and malicious activities. Our team of highly skilled cyber forensic experts utilizes state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to uncover critical digital evidence, identify perpetrators, and assist in strengthening your cybersecurity defenses.

Digital Forensics

We can perform comprehensive digital forensics services to help your businesses uncover critical information from digital devices. Our team of skilled experts combines their deep knowledge of forensic techniques with state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable and accurate solutions for a wide range of digital investigations. Whether you're dealing with cybercrime, data breaches, intellectual property theft, or internal misconduct, we have the expertise to assist you in uncovering the truth.


This process refers to the process of identifying, collecting, preserving, and analyzing electronically stored information (ESI) for legal purposes related to cybersecurity incidents, data breaches, or digital investigations. It involves a systematic approach to gathering digital evidence in a defensible and legally compliant manner. eDiscovery plays a crucial role in incident response, litigation support, and regulatory compliance.

Breach Investigation

Facing a data breach? Uncover the truth and regain control with our comprehensive breach investigation services. Our team of experienced cybersecurity experts specializes in dissecting complex breaches, identifying the source, and providing actionable insights to fortify your defenses.

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