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Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals use social engineering to gain access to private data, systems, or even buildings. Instead of utilizing technical hacking methods, social engineers can more easily exploit human psychology to hack software. For example, rather than trying to find a software vulnerability, a cybercriminal might contact an employee and pose as IT support, trying to trick the employee into divulging their password.

To help keep your employees on their toes with cybersecurity top of mind, we provide integrated Security Awareness Training through the KnowBe4 platform. With this cutting-edge platform, you can:

  • Train and phish your users
  • See their Phish-prone percentage™ and their Risk Score improve over time
  • On-demand, interactive, engaging training through the browser combined with unlimited simulated social engineering cyber attacks through email, phone, and text.
  • Get measurable results

When your users start reporting more “phishy” emails through the free Phish Alert Button, the PhishER feature allows your Cybersecurity Incident Response team to identify and respond to email threats faster.

These measures can help you prevent your organization from falling victim to devastating cyber attacks.

The System Really Works

KnowBe4’s massive database analyzed
nearly 4 million users over the course of at least 12
months. It’s 2020 research continues to uncover
alarming results. The overall industry initial Phish-
Prone percentage benchmark turned out to be a
troubling 37.9%.

Fortunately, the data showed that this 37.9% can be
brought down more than half to just 14.1% within 90
days after deploying new-school security awareness
training. The results after one year show that by
following these best practices, the final Phish-Prone
percentage can be minimized to 4.7% on average.

Security Awareness Training Features

Unlimited Use
The platform offers three Training Access Levels, giving you access
to a content library of 1,000+ items based on your
subscription level. Unlimited access to all phishing
features with flexible licensing. No artificial license
ceilings and 10% overage allowance. Powerful new
features added regularly.

Engaging, Interactive Browser-based Training
The interactive training gives your users a fresh
new learner experience that makes learning fun
and engaging. Your users can choose the language
they’re most comfortable with for the entire training
interface, helping deliver a more immersive training
experience. With the configurable gamification
feature, users can compete against their peers on
leaderboards and earn badges while learning how
to keep your organization safe from cyber attacks.

Brandable Content
This self-service feature gives you the option to add
branded custom content to the beginning and end of
select training modules. You can add your
organization’s branding elements including your logo,
custom graphics, and corporate colors to tailor any
messaging you want to deliver to your users.

Upload Your Own Content
Want to supplement your Security Awareness
Training content with your organization’s custom training
or other corporate training content? Upload your own
SCORM-compliant training and video content and
manage it alongside our training
all in one place—at no extra cost!

Find out where your users are in both security knowledge
and security culture to help establish baseline security
metrics. Use the skills-based assessment and the
security culture survey to measure and monitor
your users’ security knowledge and sentiment to a
security‑aware culture over time.

Custom Phishing Templates and Landing Pages
Apart from the thousands of easy-to-use system
templates, you can customize scenarios based
on personal information and include simulated
attachments to create your own targeted spear
phishing campaigns. Each Phishing Email Template
can have its own Custom Landing Page, which allows
for point-of-failure education.

Phish Alert Button
The Phish Alert add-in button gives your users a
safe way to forward email threats to the security team
for analysis, and deletes the email from the user’s inbox
to prevent future exposure. All with just one click!

Social Engineering Indicators
Patented technology turns every simulated phishing email
into a tool IT can use to dynamically train employees by
instantly showing them the hidden red flags they missed
within that email.

User Management
The Active Directory Integration allows you to
easily upload user data and saves you time by eliminating
the need to manually manage user changes. You can
also leverage the Smart Groups feature to tailor and
automate your phishing campaigns, training assignments
and remedial learning based on your employees’ behavior
and user attributes.

Security Roles
Allows you to define unlimited combinations of level
access and administrative ability that you’d like specific
user groups to have. With delegated permissions you
have the ability to limit roles to only display specific data
or allow for the phishing, training, and user management
of specific groups.

Advanced Reporting Feature
60+ built-in reports provide holistic views and detailed
reporting on your key awareness training indicators over
time. Leverage Reporting APIs to pull data from your
training console and for multiple accounts, Roll‑up
Reporting makes it easy to view results in aggregate.

Virtual Risk Officer™
The innovative Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) functionality helps
you identify risk at the user, group and organizational level
and enables you to make data-driven decisions when it
comes to your security awareness plan.

As you phish and train your users they will start
reporting potentially dangerous emails to your incident
response team. The increase of this email traffic… can
present a new problem! PhishER, is an optional add-on
for managing the high volume of messages reported
by your users and helps you identify and respond to
email threats faster.

Are You Protected?

One wrong click can cause a security incident or data breach and the impact could be devastating. Whittlesey’s Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) is a comprehensive audit that will identify your level of cyber risk and provide a roadmap to improve it.

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